How do the prices come about?

On the homepage about this offer, we have already presented a little about the basic approach of our agency in this business area. The pricing for the domains differs significantly from the usual price calculation for automated services, which only analyzes the domain itself. So take the value of the "words" in the domain and their ending. Our approach to price determination for domains and sometimes entire websites is much more differentiated.

This is the domain sale platform of echonet, a digital company based in the European Union. We sell some of our domains and also some of our websites. FYI: The pricing is non-negotiable, because we rather keep the domains working for us and earning money than to sell them cheaper as noted in our domain pricing list.

Criteria for Domain and Website Prices

Above all, good domains have the value that there are corresponding links on the Internet that lead to them, and good domains therefore ultimately have a high value for one of the highest goods on the Internet at all - namely optimization for search engines. And on this basis with strategies of internationalization, practical range of the domain, and the word or domain name itself, our prices are created. We also put two different calculation models behind the two prices that we deliver - not always, but sometimes. On the one hand, it's about the price of the domain itself. The buyer can take over the domain and set up a website himself. The other option is to take over the domain operated website as well. Here, in particular, the actual income that we have on the internet domain comes into play much more strongly. After all, this is ultimately a question of profitability - not only for the buyer who wants to get the lowest possible price but also for us as sellers, who we do not hand over a website if the purchase price does not justify the loss of current income would.

Pure domain sales

The criteria for pricing for the pure domain are not entirely different from those of the entire website, but the criteria that would only be fully applied if the website was completely taken over are weakened. The quality of the existing links to this domain is one thing, the quality of search engine optimization based on the content already there is another topic. Quasi on top of the domain price, the revenue factors and profitability indicators of our domains are added to determine the final price of the entire website with all the content on it.

Age of the domain

Basically, one can assume that an older domain has a higher value. Not only because of a certain age it naturally has a different probability of having corresponding backlinks, but also because an older, longer existing domain usually enjoys an advantage in the search engine indexes.

Link value of the domain

Without taking over the website, but already on the basis of the domain name, a domain has a certain number of so-called "backlinks" that refer to the domain. Those who take over the website will of course get more out of it here because deep links to different subsites are better preserved if the actual subsites are also in operation.

Revenue on the domain

Another criterion is the income we already generated on the domain during the construction phase of our "virtual real estate development". Since we as the seller also have to separate ourselves from revenue that can hardly be collected, the income that is generated in the price plays a corresponding role. Just as nobody sells a company at a low price, if the company is very profitable and has good prospects, we also do not sell a brand that is profitable.

Conceptuality of the domain

In short: what is the word and is the word worth something? But not only whether it is a generic term, they are typically always a little more expensive, of course, but also whether the terms in it represent a certain value is used to determine prices. Sometimes there are also 2 words that together create a higher value than a single generic term, which may even limit its usability.

An example of this conceptual topic: Compare the two domains with - and you will find that with "" you create better values ​​than with one sounding domain "", which is not expected from a user perspective.
Domain Audience

The strategy of internationalization continues to prevail. Good agencies for websites already know about this very well. Many customers and clients have not even looked at these strategies because the widespread opinion is that a ".fr" domain (France) will eventually work all over the world. In fact, the domain has its full reach in France and will have obvious and clear disadvantages compared to a similarly good British domain (.uk) when you search in Great Britain. Therefore, the range of the domain or the target market associated with it in "localization" is an evaluation criterion for us.

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Selling Websites

If we offer an entire website for sale, not just the domain name, then the buyer actually receives the entire system and the content it contains. Since we have already optimized this content accordingly and also provided the appropriate links and included placements for business opportunities, this is of course a slightly higher price.

But the factor is surprisingly small compared to the domain - which will surprise some. The background is again a very simple one, which can be seen similar to real estate development. If there is already a commercial building or a shopping center on a property, then it is not really attractive for the seller to transfer the property for 10% of the total price and to allow the buyer to leave the shopping center. The peculiar value is the existing combination, but the property is always the foundation on which everything is based. The domain is our foundation, whoever gets the shopping center on it should buy it right away. Especially when the buyer is concerned with "profitability".

The criteria that come into play here relate to the scope and business capacity of the existing website and, of course - this is the most common model for us - to the income achieved.

Content of the Website

A criterion for the evaluation of the website is the underlying effort in filling and creating the website. How much work went into the construction of our "virtual building" and how is this work to be evaluated - but also what effects did this work have on the success of the project - are the evaluation parameters in the content area.

Technical Implementation of the Website

Does the website already provide the technology to perform current trends and important topics in better reaching the user? This includes criteria such as:

  • Accessibility of the website
  • Search engine optimization in the technical structure
  • Loading speed and rendering optimizations
  • Availability of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Website Revenue Factors

And lastly, of course, it is also crucial for our rating: What do we earn so far with the website and thus also the question at what price the sale of the website is worthwhile for us. A house with which you can achieve good rental income will not be thrown onto the market cheaply. We, therefore, create maximum profitability for the buyer, which must not be exceeded, because if it is exceeded, we prefer to keep the website. And on this basis, we then calculate the price of the website for itself, including the domain.

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