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We do not only sell domains but we're sometimes also sellig fully functional websites to our customers. They are ready to use and ready to gain business for you. This is our list of contents on this website, which is our domain selling portal and your area to get the information and also the offer right from the owner with no party in between.

This is the domain sale platform of echonet, a digital company based in the European Union. We sell some of our domains and also some of our websites. FYI: The pricing is non-negotiable, because we rather keep the domains working for us and earning money than to sell them cheaper as noted in our domain pricing list.

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We also park some internet domains if we currently have no use for these addresses. Normally we don't actively offer these addresses for sale, but first, think about project ideas for how we can make the address usable. Only when a small or large project has emerged from this do we begin to market the domain or offer it for purchase.

How the Domain-Selling works?

If you want to buy a domain from us or an entire website, simply go to the corresponding link to find out about the key figures of the domain. At the bottom of the page, you will find a complete list of the offers currently on sale. Additional domains that we have in the portfolio will soon be added to this system.

Of course, because entire websites are ready to use and ready for making money for you, they are more expensive, but you might be surpised - the price difference between the domain itself and the fully functional website is less than you might expect. This is because the most value is made out of the domain itself, because we already promoted it, got back-links, high performance in search engines and credibility.

Payment processing

The process of buying domains from us is simple. You will receive an invoice in advance that you have to pay. As soon as we have received the amount, you will receive appropriate access information or authorization code for the domain. With this information, you can take over the domain in your own administration and let yourself be registered as the owner.

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Online Advertising - Digital Strategy

Learn more about advertising online on Websites

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Place your ads online!

Get a great placement for your online adverising. Use our portfolio to find the best websites fitting for your special interest customers to reach them across your country or across the whole world!

Online Advetising

Great business locations - find your coworking space or virtual office!

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Great address for Business?

As we know - we're in the first district of the historical city of Vienna (AT) - a great address for your office and company can be a game-changer. Not only to impress people, but also to increase credibility.

Coworking & Virtual Office

Domainlist from echonet

These are the domains we have on stock and ready for sale. Click on the domain to see the price - sometimes the domain only and sometimes the offer for the whole functional website you could also buy. Just to be straight here: The price is calculated and recalculated daily. As we set a fixed price offer here, we are not negotiating about the price. Because the price also depends on our already existing revenue. We will rather keep the domain by ourself than to sell it for a lower price. So if you are interested, send us your e-mail using the mailing-button, but it does not make sense to try to negotiate. The prices are non-negotiable. If you want to pay less, just try to buy another domain from another vendor.

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